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Hi my name is Paula.
I'm an enthusiastic and highly motivated person ready to work with You.


Every problem contains within itself the seeds of its own solution.

- Stanley Arnold

About Me

Loyal, trustworthy and reliable in crisis.

As a student of law in University of Copenhagen, Denmark, I am taught by a collection of the best legal experts in the world and work to become one myself.

What comes naturally to me is the ability to adapt to different situations and carrying out projects alone, as well as, collaborating or working with others as a member of a team even in hectic environments. As far as legal research and documentation skills go, I am able to produce excellent presentations and even extensive researches.

Working at Investium and studying law in the University of Copenhagen and Tallinn University, I have gained skills in analytical thinking, logical reasoning and legal research techniques and the ability to easily separate relevant legal information from the irrelevant.

With a background in customer service in different fields, my customer service skills are excellent. I am excellent at multi-tasking, conflict resolution, adaptibility, patience, decision-making and effective communication.

My legal studies sparked my interest in tax law, labour law, international law and criminal law and strive to build up my knowledge especially in these fields of law. My studies in Satakunta University of Applied Sciences provided me basic skills in human resource management and I am now eager to learn more HR skills in practise.

I have a strong work ethic and I am always able to meet tight deadlines with excellent results.

Always ready to take on challenges and always striving for excellence.

What I Can Do

Life is all about learning new things.
Here is a peek to my best skills so far.
Legal research
Relevant legal norms, cases and judicial opinions.
Legal documents
Skills compiling and writing basic legal documents from rental contracts to mandates.
Time management
Multi-tasking is my forte and I am always able to meet even the tightest of deadlines.
Written and oral communication
Need help with your documentation and a great team worker? Need legal assistance or novice HR specialist? I’m here.


  • International Law | Master in Law (LL.M.) | 2017-
    University of Copenhagen
  • Management & Leadership | Bachelor of Business Administration (BB.A.) | 2017-
    Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
  • International Law - Bachelor of Arts (BA)
    Tallinn University
  • Finnish Matriculation Examination
    Kauniaisten lukio

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+358 50 918 2882